Individual Bariatric Consultations

The Bariatric Collective are experienced in providing individualised nutrition advice to suit your current requirements. Suraya Nikwan, director of The Bariatric Collective, is highly experienced in areas of bariatric surgery, weight loss, the non-diet approach, renal and support with eating disorders.

Suraya and her team conduct bariatric consultations from the rooms of Suite 29, Level 1 Greenslopes Specialist Centre, GREENSLOPES. 

What to Expect?

Seeing a dietitian can be intimidating if you haven’t seen one before. 

Dietitians are not the food police. 

What our role is, is to educate you about the right food and suitable supplements to support you for your weight loss surgery. In the initial consultation, your dietitian will get to know you, understand your journey, consider and identify what your goals and ambitions are then individualise the advice to suit your lifestyle (as able). We will guide you through each stage of bariatric surgery. Initial consultations may take up to an hour and review consultations take half an hour. We provide you with resources and encourage you to schedule regular appointments to keep you accountable to your success. 

Weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery, is a life changing decision that needs an experienced team to support you. 

Our dietitians have been working extensively with bariatrics and is highly experienced in this area.

When you see our dietitians for your nutrition needs pre and post surgery you can expect: 
  • Comprehensive advice on the pre-surgery diet, how to eat post surgery and how to improve your success with your weight loss tool. 
  • Regular ongoing consults, frequently for the first 12 months (honeymoon period), to keep you on track and eating well. 
  • Alterations to the pre-surgery diet made with respect to current medical conditions, medications, allergies or food intolerance. 
  • Food diary assessment and analysis. 
  • Monitoring of food related symptoms or issues with your current diet/water intake. 
  • Identify your goals and motivations for the surgery. 
  • General advice on how to improve your weight loss. 
  • Answer all questions related to the surgery to give you peace of mind.