Fees and Charges

Individual Consultations

90 Minute Online Consultation: $200 

60 Minute Online Consultation: $160 

45 Minute Online Consultation: $100 

Rebate Information

There is no need to have a referral to see a dietitian. However, if you would like to claim a rebate with Medicare or charge DVA for your consult – you will need a referral.


Patients with a GP Referral under a ‘Chronic Disease Management Plan’ or a ‘Team Care Arrangement’ or a ‘Eating Disorders Treatment and Management Plan’ may be eligible for a rebate of $55.10. The referral needs to be written to your dietitian or The Bariatric Collective. This means that you pay the full fee upfront and the Medicare rebate goes into your bank account after your consult.



Patients with a Gold Card are eligible to see the dietitian with no cost to you. Referral is required from a GP (D0904) or a Specialist.


Private Health Funds: 

Our HICAPS Machine can submit your dietitian fee to your health fund and you pay the gap. 

Phone or Telehealth Consults: Phone or Telehealth consults are available. Please let the secretaries know when booking your appointment and provide the relevant details.